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» » Mormon Boyz Elder Ence - The New Name (with President Nelson)
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Mormon Boyz Elder Ence - The New Name (with President Nelson) Studio: Mormon Boyz
Coated in sweat and oil, Elder Ence lays on the table staring up at President Nelsons large, chiseled frame. The imposing mans throbbing ten inches lies just out of reach of his tongue and the boy arches his neck to get a lick.

The brethren summoned Ence here early this morning for his Second Anointing. When he received the note in his missionary apartment, instructing him to return to The Temple, his heart began to beat faster. He loved fucking other boys. But the knowledge that he would once again be handled and controlled by the powerful older men of The Order excited him in ways hard to describe.

Ence always loved sex, but, before he began his mission, hed thought he only liked fucking girls. He has come to realize, however, that there are so many things only two guys can do to each other, so many things about the way muscular bodies and hard cocks feel against and inside Ence that cant be matched.

He doesnt feel guilty about how much men turn him on, but, he is starting to appreciate the rules and regulations that the priesthood applies to this pleasure.

When Ence arrived at the Temple and saw that it would be President Nelson doing the anointing his member instantly stiffened. Nelson is, in many ways, the pinnacle of manhood. His steely demeanor and bulging muscles intimidated Ence when he first met him during his initiation. But now, trying to prove himself to Nelson is his singular focus.

After having his naked body rubbed down, Ence was made to lie on a table. President Nelson took both of their shafts in his hand and stroked their dicks simultaneously until the head of Ences cock was weeping precum.

Then Nelson slid across Ences oiled chest and pushed his dick deep into the boys mouth.

Ence is driven to the edge of desire. He covers the Presidents cock in his spit, hoping hell understand how much he needs to be filled by him. He loves watching the way Nelsons mouth hangs open as he watches the boy choke on his cock.

Are you ready?

Ence nods hungrily.

Nelson pulls his huge dick out of the boys mouth and moves down the boys body slowly. He parts Ences legs and begins to tease his opening with the head of his fat dick. Ence breathes out, preparing himself for the full girth of the man. Nelson doesnt disappoint.

He thrusts forward pushing his dick in and slowly opening the boy up. Nelson continues, pushing in inch by inch until all ten inches are buried to the hilt.

Once groans as Nelson lowers his full weight on top of the boy. He pushes Ences legs up over his head so that his knees are practically touching his ears.

Nice and deep, Nelson growls as he tries to grind into the boy even further.

Then Nelson begins to saw in and out of the boys tight young hole.

Ence closes his eyes and feels the rhythmic pounding of Nelsons cock inside his ass.

Youre stretching me so wide, He moans.

I know you can take it, Nelson says, speeding up his thrusts.

Ence loves the sensation as the pounding picks up speed. He reaches up his hands and grabs hold of his feet so that his legs are even farther back. As Nelsons pistoning dick continues to hit his prostate he knows it wont be long until they are both covered in each others cum.

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Mormon Boyz Elder Ence - The New Name (with President Nelson)
Mormon Boyz Elder Ence - The New Name (with President Nelson)

Mormon Boyz Elder Ence - The New Name (with President Nelson)
Mormon Boyz Elder Ence - The New Name (with President Nelson)

Mormon Boyz Elder Ence - The New Name (with President Nelson)

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