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» » Jerky Girls Vol. 34 - Brats Rule 2

Jerky Girls Vol. 34 - Brats Rule 2 Studio: JerkyGirls
Cast: Amanda, Natalie, Tracy, Tay Dash
Video language: English
18th Birthday

For Her 18th Birthday, Tracy wanted to give Herself a Special Treat!Tracy had told Her boyfriend that She would not play with his "Thing"........until She turned 18. She compelled him to wait patiently.....and then.......true to Her word on Her 18th Birthday....She put on Her Favourite Jeans.....and sat Her Pretty Little Bum down full weight on his face......and Beat the cum out of him!!!!!Tracy had so much fun......She's gonna Pound his cock 4 Times a Day!!!! So stay tuned for the Cock-Jerking adventures of 18 Year Old Tracy!!!!!!!

Amanda Jerks

Meet 19 Year Old Cock-Jerking Princess....Amanda!!!! This is your chance to get up close & personal with this young She answers questions from our Director, Kathy. Amanda tells us about Her very first Jerk.......Her Fastest Jerk......a very unusual place/circumstance where She Jerked-Off a boy....and then the Princess invites us to watch Her do watch She loves to do best.....Jerk-Off a boy!!!! Young Amanda is all smiles as She Pulls this boy's cock......She eagerly awaits Her prize......BOY GOO!!!! We must warn you....Amanda is EXTREMELY CUTE!!!!!!


This Spoiled Little 19 Year Old Jerky Girl knows how to manipulate boys....that's for sure!!!! Bratty Little Amanda is on duty at the Jerky Girls Massage Parlour and She is in charge of this boy's Massage. First thing Bratty Amanda tells him is that SHE will decide whether he gets a "Happy Ending"....or a "Sad Ending"....Ha Ha Ha. She covers the boy's mouth...because She doesn't like to hear him talk. When Her Young Hand Jerks him...he gets extremely excited....Very Hard....and says "I'm gonna cum!!" This makes Amanda FURIOUS. She removes Her Hand immediately and tells him..."YOU don't tell me "when" you're gonna cum....I tell you IF AND WHEN you are "allowed" to cum!!!" Next, Amanda tells him..."I don't like you...I don't like your face.....I don't like your the price for the Massage is now $500". When the boy protests...saying that the agreed upon price was $100....Amanda stops touching his cock...and says "Massage Over" and walks away!!!The poor, blue balled boy begs Her to return....and agrees to the new price. Bratty Amanda Jerks his cock, and tells him that if he doesn't ask Her for Permission to ejaculate...the price will be $1000!!!As Her Young, Bratty, Little Hand Jerks....he can't hold he starts to cry out loud for Permission to ejaculate....and then he does ejaculate. Amanda tells him the price is $1000....and when he points out that he DID ask for Permission, as per Her Demand....She says "ooooops....I guess I didn't hear you......I'm just a Little Brat!!!"

BRAT Girlfriend!!

Amanda is Young....Hot.....Sexy.....and a TOTAL Brat!!!She knows that Her boyfriend will continue to Worship She doesn't have to work too hard to please him. She is in bed reading....and he "needs" to She orders him to oil himself up.....and She casually Jerks his cock, while continuing to read Her book....paying no attention to him at all. When he seems to be taking too long.....Amanda the Hot Brat gets bare-Naked!!!!!. This, of course, makes the stupid boy ejaculate very quickly(they really ARE stupid). Amanda then orders the cum soaked boy to wipe off Her precious Hand. Boy effort....Brats Rule!!!


Two Jerky Girlfriends......TAY & EVERYTHING together. Today they have captured a stupid boy...and they're gonna make him pay through the cock!!!Ha Ha Ha. With the boy Strapped down, Natalie watches intently as TAY makes the boy's cock Suffer Horribly. The Girls laugh and laugh and laugh as TAY makes his cock grow big. They laugh again as he almost ejaculates....just to have TAY stop suddenly....and the Girls laugh at him again. The boy's cock dances and twitches painfully....his ejaculation just on the edge....while the Girls laugh at his discomfort. The worst is yet to "cum" however......TAY's Jerking after two denied orgasms is too much....the boy is past the point of no return....he IS going to TAY stops yet again....and the Girls laugh hysterically as his cock spurts TONS of ruined boy the boy screams in pain!!!Spurt after Spurt keeps cumming....each one making the Girls laugh even more....because they KNOW how painful it must be for him!!!

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 32:18
Video: 852x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1904kbps
Audio: 62kbps

Jerky Girls Vol. 34 - Brats Rule 2
Jerky Girls Vol. 34 - Brats Rule 2

Jerky Girls Vol. 34 - Brats Rule 2
Jerky Girls Vol. 34 - Brats Rule 2

Jerky Girls Vol. 34 - Brats Rule 2

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