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» » Austin Andrews fucks Kody Zillow's asshole (720p)
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Austin Andrews fucks Kody Zillow's asshole (720p) Release Year: 2016
Cast: Austin Andrews, Kody Zillow
Genres: anal, bareback, raw
It's late at night and Kody is in the back seat of the SUV, on the way to the studio. He is next to another newbie, but Kody is certainly the more talkative prospective model in the car. He showed up with a hickey and a great story.(You'll have to watch the video for that, it's not suitable for print.)Kody admits that he likes fucking pussy and getting dick up his ass equally, and he doesn't care what people think about that. This guy is out there, sexually speaking!The initial impression is that he is definitely cut out for the porn biz. Its up to the casting director to find out for sure. Once in the studio, Kody has a different look(the beard is gone), and he also has a different temperament. He is a little more subdued now that his is on the casting couch sitting next to Austin, of whom he declares: "He is gonna fuck me hard." When Kody says that he isn't nervous, Austin - an industry pro - rolls his eyes. Of course he is nervous, who wouldnt be?Soon enough, Austin has Kody down on his cock and being bossed around. Kody is either a really good actor or he loves being ordered around by a real aggressive man. Either way, the knob-slobbering is great!Kody even sports a boner while he is worshipping Austin's dick. For his next trick, Austin tells Kody to lick his ass. Kody complies eagerly, and as Kody eats Austin out, he stays on his knees with his back arched as if he is already wanting the dick. When Austin sticks his bare cock inside of Kody, some hardcore fucking begins. Kody gets plowed, fish-hooked, and basically treated like a little bitch. He responds in kind, whimpering and telling Austin how much he loves it. Once he is on his back with his legs in the air, Kody continues to take every tiny direction from Austin, all the while getting drilled hard and deep. He keeps his boner, too!Kody turns out to be the perfect pig bottom, and Austin takes advantage of the opportunity, raw- him in a few more positions before dropping a load into Kody's eager mouth. Kody then flips himself upside down and nuts in his own mouth, as if there weren't enough cum in there already. Hot - and surprising - Bareback Fuck!
Format: mp4
Duration: 26:51
Video: 1280x720, AVC(H.264), 1679kbps
Audio: 123kbps

Austin Andrews fucks Kody Zillow's asshole (720p)
Austin Andrews fucks Kody Zillow's asshole (720p)

Austin Andrews fucks Kody Zillow's asshole (720p)
Austin Andrews fucks Kody Zillow's asshole (720p)

Austin Andrews fucks Kody Zillow's asshole (720p)

File size: 355.8 MB