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The Surge Vol. 3 Studio: Active Duty
A Note From Dink...
Hey Troops. Today weve got a lot of new happenings for you in our final installment of The Surge series. Not only does Levi bottom for the very first time, but Kaden also takes a load in his mouth for the first time as consolation for Levi after Kaden fucks his virgin ass good and hard. Weve also got one of those infamous Woods twins in this one and were not gonna tell you which one. Lets just say its the older of the two who has never bottomed before in any of his previous videos for other companies. Mr. Woods and I met and became friends before he ever knew I was a porn producer. Later, I would let him in on the secret and he agreed to do something for me that hed never done before. Weve also got a brand new hot guy in this one named Spencer that proves that sometimes beginners luck can be all the charm.
Kasey, Levi, Hops, Trey and Mr. Woods...
The five hotties meet up at my place and before I can get the camera turned on they are all naked and hard and the action is already getting heated. Treys gonna be the bitch today and suck all four cocks. He starts out with Kaseys cock in his mouth as he sucks it slowly, but intently. Levi moves in next and feeds our cocksucker as the line forms behind him. Mr. Woods follows Levi and shoves his cock in Treys mouth and Trey strokes his cock all the while. Kasey goes back for seconds and Hops brings up the rear. Hops throat fucks Trey good and hard as he talks shit to the cocksucker.
Trey Is The Resident Cocksucker...
Levi and Kasey follow Hops and double feed our cocksucker with both their hot, hard cocks. Trey seems to be in heaven as he enjoys being used and abused. Hes stroking his own hard meat as he handles the cocks in front of him like a pro. They move things up on the bed and Trey keeps the pace as the boys keep feeding him. Hops moves in and takes Levis place at the helm and Trey doesnt miss a beat. Hes playing a fun game of musical cocks and having himself a blast.
Levi And Kasey 69 While Hops And Mr. Woods Throat Fucks Trey...
Levi gets back in the saddle for awhile before finding himself in a nice 69 with Kasey at the foot of the bed while Hops and Mr. Woods tag team Treys throat some more. Weve got a great view of all the action as Levi continues to service Kasey and Hops and Mr. Woods keep Treys mouth occupied. Levis cock is hard as a brick as he manhandles Kaseys hard meat. Mr. Woods delivers the wood and keeps his cock deep in Treys throat. Trey jerks his own dick fast and hard as he enjoys being the bitch. Trey is so hard as Mr. Woods fucks his throat and his balls are drawn up deep inside him. He looks like hes about to blow a huge wad, but hes got more work to do before that happens. Levi and Kasey take the reins again and put Trey on his knees as they share his mouth. Hops and Mr. Woods take the reins one more time for good measure to be sure our cocksucker feels like a good whore.
Trey Takes All The Loads All Over His Face And Chest Then Shoots His Own...
They tell Trey to get down on the floor so they can cum all over him and he does as hes told. Hops is the first to blow his fat load all over Treys face and chest and Trey licks the leftovers off for good measure. Mr. Woods and Kasey follow Hops and blow their loads on Treys face and chest at the same time. Levi brings up the rear and finishes off on Treys other cheek and eye. Trey ends things out with his own cumshot mixing in with the gallon of cum thats already covering him. Hes literally drenched in hot cum -- what a hot, hot mess.
Mr. Woods And Trey Go Bottoms Up For Kasey And Hops...
Levi gets called in to work at the sub base but Kasey and Hops are ready to do the deed. Trey and Mr. Woods are about to get fucked and its a first for Mr. Woods. Mr. Woods has done many videos before, but hes always been the top. Today hes gonna learn what it means to be at the other end of the spectrum. The first words you hear as the camera comes on is Mr. Woods saying slow man as he flashes a big grin for the camera. I gotta tell you, this sweet cowboy is one hell of a guy. Ive gotten to know him pretty well and hes the biggest sweetheart anyone could ever ask for. Today hes giving something of himself for my camera that Ill always be thankful for. This ex-Navy boy is all man, but hes about to experience something different. Kasey does the honors first to break him in and Mr. Woods is feeling the pain. You can see it in his face, but he aint complaining. Kasey gets in and hes giving it to him good in no time flat. Mr. Woods has manned up and hes taking it like a charm.
Meanwhile Hops saddles up to take Treys ass for a ride. Hops stands on the footboard of the bed and straddles Treys ass to give it to him good. Hops is in and slamming it to Trey hard before he knows what hit him. Mr. Woods is gruntin and hollerin as Kasey fucks him harder and harder. Trey is taking it like a pro as always as Hops delivers his huge cock deep in Treys hole. Hops puts him on his back and pounds his brains out. Kasey is giving it to Mr. Woods deep and hard as Mr. Woods is on his back. Mr. Woods is getting a taste of his own medicine today. Things switch up and Kasey takes the reins on Trey as Hops moves in for the catch on Mr. Woods. Hops gives it to him long and strong. Hops puts Mr.Woods on his hands and knees so he can give it to him even better. Mr. Woods screams for mercy, but Hops isnt letting up. Hes gonna fuck it good. Kasey shoots his load first all over Trey. Hops follows his lead with his own cumshot and Trey goes next as Mr. Woods brings up the rear and this scene is a wrap.
Kaden, Levi And Christian Bring Along Our New Recruit, Spencer...
Things kick off with me and Kaden shootin the shit and joking back and forth. Hes all smiles. Levi is sitting on the couch as we start talking about him getting out of the Navy. He says hes decided to do something different. He says hes going on vacation and is gonna let his hair grow for awhile, but hes here to do something different tonight. Christian is all smiles as he listens in on the conversation and our new guy Spencer is sitting at my desk manning the porno. Spencer moves over and joins the crowd. This guy is super fucking hot. The prettiest blue eyes. OMG. We joke with Christian about his penis weighing as much as him and Christian says Theyre not lying. LOL. Once weve shot the shit, the action gets going and our newbie is more ready than wed imagined. I tell Christian to reach over and see what Spencer is working with and he grabs a hand full of rock hard cock. Spencer came to do business, hes serious and the action is about to get heated.
Spencer Is The First One Hard And Butt-Ass Naked...
And he means business. Gosh how great it is to be 20. This cat is horny and he aint shy about it. Christian came to play, too and he gets right down to the business of unleashing what Spencer has to play with. Spencer peels off his shirt to reveal one sexy set of abs as Christian continues to explore the package. Weve got ourselves a LIVE one here, yall. This guys body is a wonderland and Christian is enjoying the exploration. Kaden squeezes his own hard cock as he watches the two. In no time flat, Spencer is butt-ass naked and Christian is rushing along the process. Kaden asks Spencer if he likes it and Spencer responds by reaching over and grabbing Kadens hard cock through his cargo shorts. Watch out, yall. Its about to get hot up in here.
Spencer unzips Kadens shorts to reveal the goods and a hard cock emerges from out of nowhere. Spencer latches on while Christian strokes his cock and Spencer is now part of the crew. Spencer has found himself a set of playmates and if judging by his cock tells us anything, hes thrilled with his find. Kaden reaches over and strokes Spencers cock to give Christian time to undress. Levi follows Christians lead and strips as well. Four hot, beautiful naked men on one ugly ass couch makes a perfect picture. Levi latches on to Kadens cock while Kaden keeps stroking Spencer and Spencer strokes Christian.
Levi Is The First To Taste The Cock And The Rest Follow...
Levi skips the bullshit and goes right to sucking Kadens beautiful cock. Christian follows in Levis footsteps and hunkers down on Spencers hard prick. Two beautiful men sucking two perfect cocks. Spencer reaches around to grab Christians big cock and strokes it while Christian sucks him. Kaden wants a piece of the newbie that hes been watching so he tells Christian to let him at it. Christian reluctantly gives up the reins and Kaden moves in on Spencers nice dick to give it a whirl. Christian moves down and gets on Kadens dick and Levi searches for a place for himself. Can you say hello?Levi quickly finds a willing mouth in our hot newbie as Spencer doesnt hesitate to take Levis cock in his mouth. Christian goes wild on Kadens cock and Spencer finds his way as he gets used to the new environment. Kadens cock is at attention and Christian is saluting it. Kaden is giving the newbie what he came for as he pounds the cock deep in his throat.
Our newbie is holding his own as he gets better and better at cocksucking. This is quickly becoming a daisy chain of cocksuckers on command. Kaden gets down to some serious business on Spencers cock as Levi and Christian do the same. Christian takes notice of Kadens hot ass as it bounces to and fro in the breeze. Hes got his eye on the target. Kaden is having himself a ball with the newbies hard cock as he makes love to the rod. Kadens ass is looking as delicious as ever as Levi rubs it now.
Christian Eats Kadens Beautiful Ass While The Action Continues...
Levi tells Christian to eat Kadens nice ass while Kaden keeps sucking Spencers cock. Levi moves up to give the newbie a cock to suck as Christian tears into Kadens pink hole with is tongue as he strokes Kadens cock. Our newbie is learning from the veterans as he gets better and better at manhandling a cock. Hes giving Levi as good as Kaden is giving him. Christian moves up and slides the hot in and out of Kadens hot ass buns, teasing Kadens hole. Things switch up a little and Spencer gets on his knees in front of Kadens face as Levi takes hold of Kadens cock.
Christian gets behind Levi and starts getting him prepped for whats coming next. He lubes up Levis ass and starts to finger it. Pay close attention here, troops as the first thing to ever enter Levis ass begins to make its insertion. Christian gets the middle finger knuckle deep and its about to be on -- like what?A pot of fuckin neckbones!Christian moves out of the way and Kaden and Levi talk a little. Levi says, be gentle?and Kaden says, you know I will. Meanwhile Spencer wants to know if Christian does anything besides suck dick. Christian tells the newbie that he can fuck him if he wants as Christian smiles at him.
Let The Fucking Begin...
Both Kaden and Spencer saddle up for the ride with Levi and Christians asses in the air, at attention and ready for service. Kaden moves in on Levis virgin ass and what a pure picture of heaven. Brace yourself here, troops. This is one for the Active Duty history books. If Levi hasnt learned anything else during his time here at Active Duty, hes learned how to arch his back. And arch he does as he gives his virginity to Kaden who slowly works his way into the virgin territory. Spencer slowly works his way into Christians tight ass and once the seal is broken, its free trade. Kaden works things a little slower and gentler with Levi as he shows his buddy some mercy, but it wont be long before hes robbing him of his virginity good and deep.
Meanwhile our newbie works it nice and slow like anyone would want him to at first. But this guy is a jackrabbit at heart and it wont be long before hes pounding. Levi has sweat all over his back as Kaden finally goes balls deep. His back is arched like a pro and hes steadfast along for the ride. Spencer is pounding faster and faster as his facial expressions show is delight at his newfound pleasure. Levi is hollering for his higher power, but staying the course all the same. The pounding has begun and it wont be long before the coming. Christian reaches over and rubs Levis back to ease and comfort him. Levis ass is glistening with sweat and what a hot site to see. Christian strokes his hard cock hard and fast as Spencer pounds his ass.
Let The Cum Fly Where It May...
The fucking goes on for quite some time, but good things only last so long before the nuts draw up and the load comes. Kaden pounds Levi until hes about to nut and Spencers gonna cum, too. Kaden pulls out and strokes his hot jizz all over Levis ass. Kaden spreads Levis asshole open and shows us the damage. Spencer moves up and delivers his load to Christians mouth as Christian laps up the goo. Christian is next in line as he blows his hot load all over himself. Kaden goes down on Levi to help get his cum flowing. Kaden looks up at Levi and says I wanna taste your cum. Levi gives him what he asks for as he delivers a hot load into Kadens mouth as Kaden sucks his dick. Kaden spits the results out into a towel as we watch. We do our usual end-outs as we talk about the night and the camera fades to black. Thanks for playin!

Format: mp4
Duration: 2:04:09
Video: 720x540, AVC(H.264), 1196kbps
Audio: 156kbps

The Surge Vol. 3
The Surge Vol. 3

The Surge Vol. 3
The Surge Vol. 3

The Surge Vol. 3

File size: 1.2 GB

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