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Jerky Girls Vol. 23 - Brats Rule Studio: JerkyGirls
Cast: Angela, J.C. Simpson
Video language: English
JC is used to getting Her way!! She just turned 18 a few months ago....but JC already knows how to take charge!! When Her Math Teacher leaves the classroom....he leaves a nerdy boy in charge. JC immediately springs into action. She goes up to the front of the class....pushes the boy......and pulls his pants down....and laughs at his little wee-wee. The whole class laughs along with JC, as She continues to Humiliate this boy. JC takes out a measuring tape, and measures his penis....while the class laughs hysterically. JC is merciless as She makes fun of the boy's cock. Next JC tells the boy that She is going to Milk him in front of all their Classmates. Tall....Statuesque......Confident JC Towers over this little boy....and his mouth with Her Hand as She Masturbates him. When She Makes him ejaculate....the whole class laughs at him. JC is charge of this classroom now. JC is HOT. JC is a Jerky Girl. JC IS A BRAT!!!!!!!!


Bratty College Student, Angela is trying to study. Her boyfriend is visiting....and is anxious to go to the Pep Rally. Angela won`t leave until Her homework is done. Her boyfriend asks if he can Angela tells him to Kiss Her Feet while She studies. With Her boyfriend Sucking on Her Feet...Angela finishes Her they can go. Her boyfriend asks if they could Fuck before they go to the Pep Rally....or even....a `Quick Blowjob``.....but Angela reminds Her boyfriend that She is a JERKY GIRL......and proceeds to stick Her Feet in his face and Jerk him Off. PERFECT!!!Now his balls are empty....and he won`t be staring at any of the other Girls at the Pep Rally!!


There's no getting around it.....JC is a BRAT!!!! But She is about the Sexiest Brat on the Planet!! Not to Mention the Jerkiest Brat on the Planet!! Ha Ha Ha. She and Her boyfriend are going to bed. He, of course, wants sex.....NOT gonna happen. JC is reading Her book, and She casually tells Her boyfriend "pants off". He quickly, and obediently removes his pants. Next, JC says "oil"....he gets out the baby oil, and JC says "put it on"....he obediently lubes his own cock. JC then proceeds to Masturbate him, while completely ignoring him, as She continues to read Her book. After a few minutes....JC says "It's taking too long" which point, She lifts up Her Her Loser boyfriend can see Her Perfect, Young Tits. Shortly after that....with JC paying no attention....he ejaculates. "Paper towel" She says, as She holds out Her Hand....and he quickly and obediently wipes the disgusting boy goo from Her Precious hand. Her boyfriend then says "Goodnight...I love you" which the Sexy, Spoiled Brat replies....."Whatever".


What happens when you give an executive job to a Girl that just turned 18?......Her Gramma owns the company, and 18 Year Old guessed it....She's a BRAT!!!!!Ha Ha Ha!!!! Bratty 18 Year Old JC call a boy into Her office and tells him he is going to be rewarded for his excellent TPS Reports with a Blowjob!! Of course he is VERY excited. JC tells him that She wants to tie him up before She Sucks his"enhance the sensation" according to Her....and he falls for it!!(boys are soooo stupid!!)Once he is tied up, JC breaks the news to him "Girls like ME don't Suck the cocks' of boys like you....I'm gonna cock-tease you instead!!" JC uses a timer...and for a full 5minutes, She Teases his cock relentlessly....lap dances....cock stroking.....teasing and him about showing parts of Her 18 Year Old Body to him...and then NOT doing it. When the timer goes off after 5 minutes....the boy is visibly damaged and distressed by JC's treatment...only to find out the worst is yet to cum!!!! JC Jerks the boy's cock right up until She senses he is going to Ejaculate....then, cruelly.....She stops...rests Her hand on Her chin....and watches and laughs as the boy's cock spurts out a series of Painful, Ruined Cumblasts!!!OUCH!!!!!"That must have Really hurt your cock" The Bratty 18 Year Old says.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 26:59
Video: 852x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1149kbps
Audio: 62kbps

Jerky Girls Vol. 23 - Brats Rule
Jerky Girls Vol. 23 - Brats Rule

Jerky Girls Vol. 23 - Brats Rule
Jerky Girls Vol. 23 - Brats Rule

Jerky Girls Vol. 23 - Brats Rule

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