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Tagging Reed Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English
Chandler and Dixon and Reed oh my!Well, if I was going to ask the Wizard for anything(or anyone)these three would be it who needs brains, hearts and courage when you have Reed's body, Dixon's sensuality and Chandler's biggest asset?
Reed's raring to go it's his first all-guy threeway, and he can't wait. Even as Pete is talking to the three of them, Reed is rubbing Chandler and Dixon's legs, hungry for what's coming his way.
Chandler, as I've stated before, didn't become a superstar solely for his monster cock. It's his enthusiasm and skill that make him so popular. And yes he has a huge dick.
Dixon was one of the guys who I believed would never do guy/guy action and I was so thrilled to be proven wrong!He brings a passion and eagerness to making out and fucking that's a joy to film.
Reed, of course, is so sexually responsive when he's with someone. He wants to make sure they have as awesome a time as he's having. With these two studs, he's anxious to please them as they fuck his bubble butt. Reed loves kissing, so having two guys to kiss is a double bonus for him!
Watching Chandler and Dixon work Reed over, getting him more and more pumped up to get his ass pumped, was great. Even more great is watching Dixon and Chandler switch places, ramming all the cock Reed could ask for into his ass.
I don't think I've ever seen Reed smile more than at the end, when he's on the receiving end of two huge loads in his mouth!

Tagging Reed
Tagging Reed

Tagging Reed
Tagging Reed

Tagging Reed