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Mormon Boyz Elder Holland - Washing And Anointing Studio: Mormon Boyz
Up until a few weeks ago, Elder Holland was pretty sure he only liked girls. But, the handsome blond couldnt deny that recently his dreams were filled with new desires. But truth be told, he isnt excited about all the attention he has been getting.

And even though he wants them to just leave him alone, he is starting to realize that the powerful men of The Order also make his dick swell with desire.

Maybe if he just does as he is told the men will leave him alone?

President Oaks, a handsome salt and pepper haired priesthood leader, had summoned Elder Holland to the Temple for his Endowment ceremony a few days ago.

Even just thinking about President Oaks made Elder Holland horny. It was involuntary. He didnt want to, but he would instantly shoot a boner in his suit pants and start leaking precum.

President Oaks had bent the young missionary over his desk and pounded him as punishment for fucking the Presidents boy. But afterwards there were no emergency transfers, and the two boys remained mission companions.

During the ceremony that the men referred to as his Endowment of the True Order, President Oaks was there to watch and guide the boy.

President Oaks made Holland kneel in front of a long white curtain through which a strangers thick, veiny cock appeared. Slowly, President Oaks encouraged the boy to stroke it, run his tongue along the shaft, and finally open his mouth wide and allow the stranger to fuck his throat. It wasnt long before the patrons face was painted with the veil workers hot load.

Much as he didnt want to admit it, Elder Holland felt special. It didnt feel like he was being disciplined for his transgressions. He was being taught the true nature of priesthood power and authority.

He was learning how much he loved giving powerful men the pleasure they wanted from using his body.

But he was also nervous. A part of him was still unsure that he wanted to do anything that the leadership told him to do. But maybe if he played along with their desires, thered be something in it for him.

Today, Elder Holland stands in front of President Oaks, wearing a temple shield, which is nothing more than a small bit of fabric hanging in front of and behind the boy. The shield is totally open on the sides exposing the boys completely nude body on either side.

He shifts from foot to foot and avoids the mans eyes. President Oaks smooth, warm hands anoint Holland with sacred oil. They run across the boys face, neck, and shoulders. They linger on the curve of Hollands ass and his hardening nipples.

I anoint your loins, President Oaks whispers, his fingers closing over Hollands cock. Much as he tries to resist, Hollands member lengthens instantly under the mans experienced hand. Oaks knows just how to tease the boys head to milk out a few drops of precum.

The President lifts the veil from Hollands body and the boy shivers against the cold. But his cock stays rock hard as Oaks sinks to his knees before the boy. As Holland feels the warm, wet press of the Presidents lips he lets out a moan. He cant believe this intimidating man who spanked him and fucked his ass is now sucking his cock.

He likes seeing Oaks servicing him. He tangles his fingers in the mans hair and guides his mouth, just as President Oaks had guided him before the veil.

Soon enough, The President stands up and commands the boy to get on all fours. As he pulls the boys cheeks open, Holland remembers that Oaks is really the one in control. A bead of sacred oil runs down the crack of Hollands ass, followed by the Presidents thumb. After a little teasing Oaks commands the intiate to roll over and sit up.

Im going to suck the seed right out of you, boy. He says with a smile before taking Hollands throbbing dick in his mouth.

Holland throws his head back and surrenders to the moment. His balls ache for release and he knows it will only be a matter of time before his fills the Presidents mouth with cum. And then it will be Oaks turn to take what he desires.

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Mormon Boyz Elder Holland - Washing And Anointing
Mormon Boyz Elder Holland - Washing And Anointing

Mormon Boyz Elder Holland - Washing And Anointing
Mormon Boyz Elder Holland - Washing And Anointing

Mormon Boyz Elder Holland - Washing And Anointing

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