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» » Zdenek Tlucek and Borek Soko-Massage
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Zdenek Tlucek and Borek Soko-Massage Studio:
WE brought the very handsome Zdenek Tlucek in for a massage. It took a while to persuade him, but I think it was well worth the effort. He arrives and strips to his undies and then lays on the bed. He is quickly joined by Borek Sokol, in underwear too, who is his masseur. Borek takes some oil into his hands and then starts massaging Zdenek's back. His hands work over the back, in slow, gentle movements. He lowers Zdenek's underwear to reveal a nice rounded ass and then straddles it to continue working on the back. Moving down slightly gives access to that hot ass and Borek's hands start massaging it. The pale skin of the ass is nicely highlighted by Zdenek's tan line. Borek moves again and his hands get to work on those thick thighs. His hands glide over the thighs and down the legs to the feet, massaging them nice and deeply. The Borek moves Zdenek up onto his knees, with the ass nicely exposed. He begins to rub the ass, and pulls Zdenek's cock back between his legs. Some oil is spread all over that hot ass and the hands rub over the cock too. The cheeks are pulled apart to give a lovely view of Zdenek's tight pucker hole. His cock begins to swell as well, as the balls are rubbed. Borek takes hold of the cock and wanks it as his other hand rubs over the ass hole. A finger slips through the tight outer ring, into that hole, and begins to fuck in and out. Zdenek must be enjoying the attention, as his cock gets nice and hard as his hole is fingered. Borek takes a vibrator and uses that on the ass, slipping it in nice and deep as he continues to wank on that hard cock. Then Borek turns Zdenek over, so he can lay on his back. With more oil rubbed over his chest, he relaxes as Borek takes hold of the cock again and wanks it. It stands up, big and hard as the wanking continues, and begins to speed up, until it releases some cum. Then Borek drops the cock and leaves Zdenek to relax.

Format: mp4
Duration: 27:16
Video: 960x540, AVC(H.264), 1502kbps
Audio: 122kbps

Zdenek Tlucek and Borek Soko-Massage
Zdenek Tlucek and Borek Soko-Massage

Zdenek Tlucek and Borek Soko-Massage
Zdenek Tlucek and Borek Soko-Massage

Zdenek Tlucek and Borek Soko-Massage

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