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Boys@Service Studio:
Cast: Luca Valentino, Denis Reed, Paul Bruckner, Patrick Bauer, Alexandar Checkov, Tom Smith, Kawan Silveira, Brenno Ferrari, Walid Wild
Genres: Kissing, Sucking, Deep throat, Dildo Penetration, Deep Rimming, Hard Fucking, Balls Treatment, Foreskinplay, Nippelplay, Big Dicks, 2 way, 3 way
Video language: English
1 scene
Workshop-masters Patrik Bauer is in despair as he watched his apprentice, Paul Bruckner at work. Provocative, he calls out to him, "You can do it except blow nix". Now that he's right... A Wink and even Paul is ready, he starts the opener Patrik trousers and with his work. Deeply, he puts his tail in his mouth and sucking the glans. Denis Reed, the portly rumschraubt on his motorcycle only laugh. He thinks such a number would be something in between now so fine. Waiting, he watched the events on the other side. Finally, he also raises them. From his open trousers have jumped out of his tail. Purposefully he takes Paul to come over and can blow the rack. Patrik meanwhile playing around with Denis nipples. The gef?llts already visibly and immediately he began to play with Patrik ass. That is what it was probably what the brave champion now needs repair. He kneels on the floor and stretches Denis meet his hole. With his mouth he is now sucking away at Paul. One finger after another lies Denis Patrik hole. But now he wants to fuck. He was raised into position and sunk slowly into his fat latte Patrik hole. Faster and faster until he pops Patrik its sap can no longer hold. But he wants more sperm. So he Pauls juiced hard crossbar. Sprays from behind him Denis the sauce will also come into Prefekt Gesicht.A perfect day imagines Patrik finally....

2 scene
2 fat cocks - but no one in my hole... such a crap thinks Paul Bruckner. In the camp he was now a little cleaning, but what a luck, Alexander Chekov also stock service. Without much babble, he begins to play around with Alex. The exposes his cock and blows him hard. Thus, a quick lunch of Fick and Alex like. He exposes Paul's ass and begins to plow him. He sticks his tongue deep into it and moistens the one tight pussy. Then he puts it, finally clean. With pain face Paul nimt the shocks. Alex fucks him through tighter and tighter. Finally, Paul is not the juice last longer. It squirts out of it. In parting, he will also get one more load extra face. Alex jerks his thick puller and entl?d himself across Paul's face.

3 scene
The boss is in the pause, time to rest a bit, imagine Brenno Ferrari and Walid Wild. They sit idly in the corner and tell a little bit. But the topic of conversation is changing rapidly as Walid Brennos mucking around in trousers. Fast falling shells and the tails are. Each other, the two blow their tails and lick the holes. But today, want to fuck Walid. He shoves Brenno on the machine and plays with his dick in Brennos hole. Then it's on its stage, and through him, fucks. Faster and faster he fucks while Brenno jerks his fat cock. He can not hold out much longer, and finally he turns around and jerks out a big load sperm. The hot sauce makes Walif wild. He plays on his eggs and scrubs the crossbar to him also the protein from the glans....

4 scene
At least Feierabend thinks Patrik Bauer. The apprentices are all gone crazy. "But wait.. But still there running water in the shower "And yes, Luca Valentino really enjoys the warm water showers. At the sight of Luka, as he's so consistent with his big puller in the shower, as Patrick, the closing time pass quickly-thought. Sch?chter he plays around with Luca. Finally, he takes courage and dn kneels down and sticks his cock in the mouth. Relish Luca leans back and enjoys the blowjob. He feels it formally as Patrik your pants is always thicker. He tore it down and play it around the hole. Wild licking the hole, fingering it. Lucas is the tail and now he wants to fuck. Emotionally, he pocketed his pipe in Patrik narrow hole. Harder and harder Luca pushes his fat cock in Patrik inside can hold up to his juice anymore. He rubbed the sauce all over my body, anxiously waiting for Lucas sperm. Willingly of his tail off and masturbates spermt the protein out but now.... more long shower nich Sweety says Patrik finally go out with.

5 scene
Tired by the hard work of Patrick Farmer comes home. When he falls like scales from their eyes. "But I did visit, which is Kawan Silveira came here last night," Lagsam he sneaks into the bedroom. Kawan is to sleep on. But not for long. Patrik strokes him gently. He lets his hand under the Bettdeckde wander and play around with Kawan. From pet is Kawan finally awake and opened his golden eyes. I like him as Patrik his cock hard blows. While Patrik him he sucks ass licking away at his tail. Hard and it blows him and sits down on it eventually. He rides hard and persevering Patrik latte and his fat cock, he jerks the juice can simply no longer hold. He injects his high arch of the acorn soup. It distributes the remains all over the place and will now fetch well Patrik sperm. He lies down beside him and play at Loch Patrik masturbates while his puller. Then comes the juice out of his glans. They look happy, and finally to sit back, grinning mischievously

6 scene
Apparently forgotten in the basement has been well Tom Smith. Once there, he has cared for him is ok langweilig.Da him the bottle of oil is precisely right. That is what he needs for his skin now. Slowly he took off his clothes and rubbed with oil. In all the holes he lubricates it. Of course, he also rubs his tail, now is the hard and strong. Tom enjoys playing around with it themselves. He rubs his Arschfotze and masturbates in the tail faster and faster, he scrubs his penis until he finally injects the semen around the ears...

Format: avi
Duration: 2:14:23
Video: 1280x720, AVC(H.264), 3200kbps
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