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» » WH - Roman and Alan - Screen Test - Full Contact
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WH - Roman and Alan - Screen Test - Full Contact Studio:
We brought Alan Frank in for a screentest. With his hot body we thought we should pair him with another hunk so we matched him with Roman Madlec. Roman gets things started by interviewing Alan and leaning forward and kissing him. He works down the chest, kissing Alan's nipples and running a hand over his sexy body. Then he helps Alan off with his shorts, and starts rubbing his cock. As he kisses over the body Roman wanks on Alan's cock, getting it hard before starting to suck. That cock is a nice big one and Roman wraps his lips around it, sucking real good. He then removes his own underwear and Alan lays on his back to get a taste of Roman's cock. Roman wanks himself and pushes the head into Alan's mouth. As he sucks Alan also wanks himself and then Roman bends forward and they 69, sucking each other's throbbing cocks. Moving onto their knees the guys face each other and Roman wanks both cocks with one hand. He then turns around and bends over so that Alan can slide that big, hard cock into his tight ass. That cock is so hard and Alan fucks the hole with nice long strokes. He goes in deep, working that hole as Roman breathes heavily with each thrust. Alan pulls out and that rock hard cock looks great as it goes back into Roman's waiting hole. Roman turns onto his back and wanks himself as Alan fucks him some more. That cock slides in and out so easily, filling Roman's tight ass. He leans over and covers Roman's mouth with his hand as his fucking speeds up. He stretches that hole as his cock slams in and out and Roman quickly shoots a big, creamy load over his belly. But Alan isn't ready to cum, he lays down and has Roman ride his cock. Roman works his ass up and down on the thick shaf,t panting heavily. He action works well and Alan shoots his cream into the condom, while still in Roman's ass. He pulls out and Roman removes the condom to check the hot cum before kissing Alan after a very successful screentest. Then they go off to share a shower, there cocks still rock hard.
Format: mp4
Duration: 23:15
Video: 1280x720, AVC(H.264), 2501kbps
Audio: 95kbps

WH - Roman and Alan - Screen Test - Full Contact
WH - Roman and Alan - Screen Test - Full Contact

WH - Roman and Alan - Screen Test - Full Contact
WH - Roman and Alan - Screen Test - Full Contact

WH - Roman and Alan - Screen Test - Full Contact

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