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Big N Plenty Studio: Colt Studio
1. Edu Boxer, Dave Angelo, Sam Shadon
A three-way between Colt Man Exclusives Edu Boxer and Dave Angelo, along with all-new Colt Man Sam Shadon. Sam gets to live out every gay mans fantasy. He walks into a bar, fantasizes that he sees Edu and Dave nude and wonders what it would be like to have sex with these two hot strangers. Then it happens bartender Dave serves much more than as the three set the bar on fire with their sexual pyrotechnics!
2. Lee Young, Mark Williams
The great video debut of two first timers who will definitely be back again. Colt Man Lee Young is the customer in a leather shop who discovers that leather isnt the only hot black thing that he gets to try on for size. Lee takes a look at a pump dildo but Colt Man Mark Williams gives him something far better a ride on the real thing that hell never forget!
3. Dason Ripley solo
A solo performance by Dason Ripley. A trip to the bathroom leaves young Dason longing for the action that wasnt there. So he takes out a hard rubber partner and gives us a lesson in dildonics that makes moist spots appear on the crotch of even the most stoic viewer. The great camera work by Todd Montgomery leaves no part of the lesson uncovered.
4. Karim(bb), Carlo Masi
A game of strip pool between Colt Men Exclusives Karim and Carlo Masi. The two slowly lose their clothes and get increasingly turned-on as they show off for us and each other. They never touch. The sexual tension builds to a giant eruption that youll remember every time you look at a pool table.
5. Adam Dexter, Marcus Iron
The final scene has Colt Man Exclusive Adam Dexter cruising. He sees Colt Man Marcus Iron and brings him back to his trendy loft. Their scene in the kitchen is the kind gay men everywhere always wanted to see on the Naked Chef. Adam uses his heat probe to cook Marcus from the inside out.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:46:52
Video: 640x480, DivX 5, 1558kbps
Audio: 218kbps

Big N Plenty
Big N Plenty

Big N Plenty
Big N Plenty

Big N Plenty

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