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Dawson Fucks Ryder Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English
I think its safe to say we have a monumentally huge episode for you in this one. This is a big deal. A big, big deal!Dawson Is Back!And, not only is he back - hes bearded, buffer, and studlier than ever!
If youve been paying attention to news of our CF11 celebrations, you know Dawson was there with us to help celebrate our 11 year anniversary - he met and hung out with fans and had himself tons of fun. The fans in attendance were also thrilled to be able to meet and hang out with Dawson. Many of them came up to me eagerly expressing just how much they wanted to see Dawson in action again. They joined the chorus of emails and comments we get calling for precisely that. I had to do my utmost to keep my best poker face on, though, and not let slip the secret that wed already been asking Dawson if he wanted to film some more, and hed said he was up for it!
Lets not ignore Ryder here, either!Hes back after being away for quite some time - and looking more handsome than ever. Plus, hes ready to get plowed!
What better way to see Dawsons return to action than having him break in Ryder and remind us of what an amazing and incredible top he is(as if we could ever forget)?!
Dawsons back!Ryders back!And were all in for such a brilliantly hot episode!

Dawson Fucks Ryder
Dawson Fucks Ryder

Dawson Fucks Ryder
Dawson Fucks Ryder

Dawson Fucks Ryder