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» » Brutal Tops-Oral Choking Sailor Brutes
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Brutal Tops-Oral Choking Sailor Brutes Release Year: 2012
Studio: Brutal Tops
Cast: Nick&Derek
Genres: Fetish,Gay,Hardcore,Pissing,Oral,Punched,Fuck,Fed Cum
Video language: English
Muscular sailors Master Nick and Master Derek are enjoying all there is to enjoy while out on shore leave, drinking, smoking, roughing up the locals...

If martin wants to be their bitch he is going to have to prove he's a worthy sub. Marched into the room, Nick's hand gagging its mouth, martin is positioned over a chair with his slutty unmarked arse pointing skyward. It won't be like that for too much longer. Taking turns they use his fleshy buttocks for target practice with their bamboo crops, quickly turning his skin a pinky red, angry welts crisscrossing the skin as they flare up under the assault.

After weeks away at sea the one thing these horny sailors need is plenty of oral service; Could there be a more perfect discipline to train a new bitch in than serving his Masters using only a sloppy wet tongue and dirty whores mouth to pleasure them?

Aiming his penis at the sub's mouth Master Nick empties his full bladder of beer into it, using martin as his urinal. The dirty little fucker fails to keep up with his Master's heavy flow, spilling some of the delicious yellow liquid onto the floor and over Nick's feet. One more task for the filthy cunt's mouth to clean up.

While slurping and licking the piss from Nick's feet and toes, Master Derek kicks the useless prick, getting some of the sub's dirty arse on his pristine boots in the process. They will now need cleaning too courtesy of martins mouth but Derek isn't going to make the task easy for him to complete, moving about the room as he bawls out at the sub to keep up, ordering the sub to bark for him like a dog as Master Nick crops it's arse for good measure. The dirty soles and heels will need the piss licking off them to if martin is to make a good impression on the Tops.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 18:29
Video: 960x540, Windows Media Video 9, 2152kbps
Audio: 62kbps

Brutal Tops-Oral Choking Sailor Brutes
Brutal Tops-Oral Choking Sailor Brutes

Brutal Tops-Oral Choking Sailor Brutes
Brutal Tops-Oral Choking Sailor Brutes

Brutal Tops-Oral Choking Sailor Brutes

File size: 300.7 MB