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Stop it now! Genres: Gay Hardcore, Gay Fetish, BDSM, Torture, Spanking
Bound hand and foot, bent over a table, my captured cage fighter is spitting with rage. His muscles ripple as he struggles against the ropes, yelling furiously at me as I run my hands over his firm body, and pry open his strong arse cheeks to examine his hole.
"Untie me now!" John screams at me. "I'll fucking you!" I just laugh at him and shove a gag in his mouth. No amount of threats are any use against the most basic bondage.

I decide the foul mouthed hetero hardman needs a good old fashioned lesson in discipline. But I want to watch his angry face as he feels the pain... this lad is going to get a dose of my new spanking machine. As the first stroke of the heavy paddle lands on his arse, John howls into the gag. He thrashes in his bonds, but nothing can protect him from the inevitable burning sting as the paddle wallops his arse over and over again.

I take John's gag out. "Stop it now!" he screams. I inform him that the only way I'll turn off the machine is if he sucks my cock. John glares at me in furious desperation, biting his lip. He knows this is his only choice.

As the nefarious machine continues to thrash John's crimson arse, over and over again, the fighter reluctantly accepts my cock into his mouth, and begins sucking it. He will do anything to escape from the unrelenting viciousness of my spanking machine, which I've set to 'hard'.
As I bark out orders, his tongue runs obediently around my shaft, caressing my cock head. John's inexperience in giving blowjobs is compensated for by his fear that if he doesn't satisfy me, I'll leave him to the mercies of the infernal spanking machine.

But although I promised to turn off the machine when he'd sucked my cock, I wasn't being entirely straight with the big dumb fighter. I remove the machine, only to replace the pain with my own cock, driving my dick into his clenched straight arse, taking his virginity in one glorious plunge. I hammer in and out of John's arse hard and fast, roughly plundering his guts, getting more and more turned on by his screams and struggles as he experiences anal agony for the first time in his life.

Dave gets in on the action, shoving his dick in John's reluctant mouth, laughing at the big hard boxer's misery as he's spitroasted and humiliated. John angrily sucks Dave's cock too, earning slaps when he disobeys, quickly learning that the only way to get through this hell is to open his mouth, suck it and take it. Our cocks ram in and out of his holes, choking him, ripping him open, destroying his body and his dignity.
We make John look up into Dave's eyes as he pleasures him, making him accept his new place in this hellish new world, before the sadistic top spurts a hot load of cum in his face. John thinks it can't get any worse than this. He's wrong.

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Duration: 17:36
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Stop it now!
Stop it now!

Stop it now!
Stop it now!

Stop it now!

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